Teaching/Mentoring Experience


Teaching Assistant Duties:

  • CSE-576 Natural Language Processing, Fall 2015 and Fall 2016
    • Responsibilities included: Creating Homework assignments, proposing class projects, and mentoring multiple groups, delivering advanced topic lectures.
  • CSE-471 Introduction To Artificial Intelligence, Spring 2016
  • CSE-310 Data Structures and Algorithms, Spring 2015

Mentoring (Post Ph.D)

  • (2021) Ishan Tarunesh: CheckList NLI
  • (2021) Karthikeyan K: Multi-lingual extension of TaxiNLI (TaxiXNLI; Primary Mentor: Monojit Choudhury; at Duke U.)
  • (2021) Vishesh Agarwal: Polynomial Simplification (Primary Mentor: Navin Goyal)
  • (2020-21) Aalok Sathe: TaxiNLI and TaxiXNLI (at MIT BCS)
  • (2020) Pratik Joshi: TaxiNLI: Taking a ride up the NLU Hill. (at CMU LTI)
  • (2019) Pranil Joshi (IIT-B), Abhinav Mishra (IIT-G), Bhavy Khatri (IIT-K): Knowledge-sharing between Cross-domain Agents
    • Mentored with Kushal Chawla (USC), Sharmila Nangi Reddy
    • (Feb 2020) Patent filed USPTO. Status pending.

Mentoring (During Ph.D)

Somak Aditya
Assistant Professor

My research interests include integrating knowledge and enabling higher-order reasoning in AI.