⭐️ [Sep 2019] !NEW! ♨️ ♨️ Knowledge Graph Research appears in Adobe News !

⭐️ [Aug 2019] !NEW! ♨️ ♨️ Invited as an AAAI 2020 PC Member!

⭐️ [Aug 2019] !NEW! ♨️ ♨️ Invited as an IJCAI DC Career Panelist!

⭐️ [Aug 2019] !NEW! ♨️ ♨️ Our work on Integrating Knowledge and Reasoning in Image Understanding" got accepted in IJCAI 2019 Survey!

⭐️ [May 2019] !NEW! ♨️ ♨️ First patent on Marketing Knowledge Graph Creation approved!

⭐️ [Nov 2018] Our work on "Spatial Knowledge Distillation on Visual Reasoning" got accepted in WACV 2019!

⭐️ [Oct 2018] We had a successful workshop filled with intersting talks from researchers from University of Leeds, IBM Research US, University of Adelaide and Army Research Lab. Their talks are avaibale at: .

⭐️ [Aug 2018] My doctoral dissertation is now publicly available for download in the ASU Digital Repostory.

⭐️ [Aug 2018] We presented this poster for "Combining Knowledge and Reasoning through Probabilistic Soft Logic for Image Puzzle Solving" in UAI 2018.

⭐️ [June 2018] Successfully defended my thesis. My slides are available on dropbox.

⭐️ [June 2018] Published the Image Riddles code for public use that was used in UAI-18 work. Visit Github.

⭐️ [June 2018] Published the PSL engine code for public use that was used in AAAI-18 work. Visit Github.

⭐️ [May 2018] Our paper on Image Riddles is accepted in UAI 2018 (30% acceptance rate).

⭐️ [May 2018] Invited as a reviewer in Robotics and Autonomus Systems journal.

⭐️ [May 2018] Our Website for KR-2018 workshop is live! Please consider submitting to the workshop.

⭐️ [Mar 2018] We are organizing the first workshop on "Induce and Deduce: Integrating learning of representations and models with deductive, explainable reasoning that leverages knowledge" in KR 2018 (Phoenix, 27-29 Oct). Website coming soon!

⭐️ [Mar 2018] I am awarded the University Graduate Fellowship for Spring 2018 for the third time. Thank you ASU, CIDSE!

⭐️ [Feb 2018] Presented our work on "Explicit Reasoning over End-to-End Neural Architectures" in AAAI 2018.

⭐️ [Jan 2018] Presented our work on "Explicit Reasoning over End-to-End Neural Architectures" in ASU SouthWest Robotics Symposium. The work was nominated for Best Abstract award.

⭐️ [Dec 2017] Our accepted manuscript in CVIU is now available online: "Image Understanding using Vision and Reasoning through Scene Description Graph"

⭐️ [Dec 2017] Our work "Image Understanding using Vision and Reasoning through Scene Description Graph" has been accepted in the reputed Computer Vision and Image Understanding (CVIU) journal.

⭐️ [Nov 2017] Our Work on Explicit Reasoning over End-To-End Neural Architectures has been accepted in AAAI 2018 (Acceptance Rate: 24.5%, 933 accepted out of 3.8k).

⭐️ [Nov 2017] Vision and Reasoning Website is live.

⭐️ [Oct 2017] Invited as a reviewer for The Visual Computer journal.

⭐️ [July 2017] Work on Image Riddles accepted as Extended Abstract on Vision Meets Cognition Workshop, CVPR 2017.

⭐️ [May 2017] Thesis proposal accepted, and officially advanced to candidacy.

⭐️ [May 2017] Joined JDE, Verisk Analytics as Cognitive Analytics and Machine Learning Research Intern, under Dr. Maneesh Singh, Director, JDE, Cognitive Analytics.

⭐️ [May 2017] Unofficially a Ph.D. Candidate, after successfully defending my proposal on "Knowledge and Reasoning in Image Understanding".

⭐️ [May 2017] Invited as a review-assistant for IJCAI 2017.

⭐️ [March 2017] Awarded University Graduate Fellowship for Spring 2017 from ASU, for the third time.

⭐️ [Feb 2017] Attended AAAI-2017 (DC and the main Conference). Great to know that people are interested in Vision and Reasoning approaches. Here is the poster I presented at the main conference.

Selected Publications

In IJCAI 2019

In WACV 2019

In CVIU 2017

In ACS, 2016

In arXiv preprint arXiv:1511.03292

In AAAI Spring Symposium, 2015

Recent Publications

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Spatial Knowledge Distillation to aid Visual Reasoning

In this work, we propose a way to integrate spatial commonsense knowledge to aid visual reasoning external_link.

Solving Visual QA using Reasoning and Deep Learning

In this work, we propose an exlicit reasoning layer over Deep Neural Architectures to solve VQA. external_link.

Solving Image Puzzles

In this work, we propose image puzzles that require background knowledge to solve. This project is also aimed to advocates logically interpretable systems. external_link.

From Images to Sentences

In this project, we aim to achieve a deeper understanding of images and videos with the help of background or common-sense knowledge. Our motivation is the way a human interprets images and videos, breaks them down in few important constituent parts, can reason about them, detect complex activities etc. external_link.

K-Parser: A Knowledge Parser

We build a semantic parser to extract semantic knowledge from natural language sentences. external_link.


  • Image Riddles code for UAI 2018 paper (Gihub Link)
  • PSL engine used for AAAI 2018 work (Gihub Link)
  • K-Parser (First Author- Arpit Sharma), used in IJCAI-15 work (Online Demo)

Teaching and Mentoring

I have served as a teaching assistant for the following courses at Arizona State University:

  • CSE-576 Natural Language Processing, Fall 2015 and Fall 2016
    • Responsibilities included: Creating Homework assignments, proposing class projects, and mentoring multiple groups.
  • CSE-471 Introduction To Artificial Intelligence, Spring 2016
  • CSE-310 Data Structures and Algorithms, Spring 2015

I mentored and collaborated with the following Masters Students:

  • Rudra Saha (2017 – 2018), MS Student, Computer Science, ASU
    • Spatial Knowledge Distillation to aid Visual Reasoning
  • Divyanshu Bandil (2016 – 2017), Graduated MS Student, Computer Engineering. linkedin profile
    • Visual Question Categorization.
    • Visual Question Answering in Dynamic Environments
  • Trideep Rath (2015 – 2017), Graduated, MS, Computer Science, ASU. Currently Data Scientist, Kayak


Research & Development groups

  • BioAI lab, Arizona State University
  • Active Perception Group, Arizona State University (Closely Affiliated with)
  • Perception and Robotics Group, UMIACS, University of Maryland, College Park (closely collaborated with Prof. Yiannis Aloimonos, Dr. Cornelia Fermuller on several projects)

Industrial Organizations



  • Prestige Platina Tech Park, Marathahalli-Sarjapur Outer Ring Rd, Kadubeesanahalli, Bangalore-560037