Principal Investigators


Somak Aditya

Assistant Professor


Sachin Vashisth

PhD Student, CSE

Neuro-Symbolic Methods, Causality, NLP

Soni Aditya Bharatbhai

BTech Student (CS, IIT-KGP)

Generalizing Backdoor Attacks to Opaque Models (Pursuing BTech Thesis, jointly with Prof. Mainack Mondal)

Daivik Agarwal

BTech Student (MechEng, IIT-KGP)

Active Learning in Video Grounding (Pursuing BTech Thesis, with Dr. Maneesh Singh)

Daksh Varshney

BTech Student (E&ECE, IIT-KGP)

Reasoning in NLP, Multilingual (Pursuing BTech Thesis)

Debrup Das

Dual Degree MTP Student (Math&Computing, IIT-KGP)

Neuro-symbolic Conversational systems (Pursuing MTech Thesis)

Kunal Kingkar Das

MS Student, CSE

Vision & Language Navigation (jointly with Pawan Goyal)


Atharva Naik

CMU MS Student (Formerly BTech-CS, KGP)

Efficient Neural Code Representation

Abhinav Menon

Intern (IIIT-H, Summer 2022)

Counterfactual Reasoning, NLP

Druhin Abrol

BTech Student, KGP, Mechanical Engineering

Attacking Interpretable NLI Models

Vivek Karde

Scientist, DRDO (Formerly MTech Student, CSE)

Multi-Hop QA