NeuroSymbolic Reasoning

Somak Aditya
Assistant Professor

My research interests include integrating knowledge and enabling higher-order reasoning in AI.


MATHSENSEI: A Tool-Augmented Large Language Model for Mathematical Reasoning | In NAACL 2024 (Main, In Print).

PDF Code Project nlp neurosymbolic

Prover: Generating Intermediate Steps for NLI with Commonsense Knowledge Retrieval and Next-Step Prediction | In AACL-IJCNLP 2023 (Main).

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SYNC: A Structurally guided Hard Negative Curricula for Efficient Neural Code Search | In AACL-IJCNLP 2023 (Main).

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Analyzing the Nuances of Transformers' Polynomial Simplification Abilities | In ICLR 2021 MathAI.

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Spatial Knowledge Distillation to aid Visual Reasoning | In IEEE WACV 2019.

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Explicit Reasoning over End-to-End Neural Architectures | In AAAI 2018.

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Towards Addressing the Winograd Schema Challenge-Building and Using a Semantic Parser and a Knowledge Hunting Module. | In IJCAI, 2015.

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